Sunday, 28 April 2013

My Beautiful Students Make Me Proud!

I just need to take a moment to brag a bit and show off my beautiful students that performed in the warm-up show for Pink Velvet Burlesque's 7-Year Anniversary Show!

These ladies had never performed burlesque before, especially on a big stage in a big show at the Casino!  They were so brave and wonderful!  They're dedicated students and even arranged their own extra rehearsals together and re-choreographed the end of the number at the last minute due to a revelation in nudity regulations at the venue!

Teaching burlesque classes at Serpentine Studios is such an amazing experience for me!  I was hesitant when I was first asked to start teaching a class.  I was worried I didn't have what I takes or that I wouldn't enjoy it.  It turns out that I LOVE teaching, and if my students are any indication I think I'm doing a decent job!

Are you interested in learning more about burlesque?  Check out Serpentine Studios ( for information on my burlesque classes, workshops, and parties!

Here are some more photos by Brent McCombs of my beautiful Burlesque Basics and Fab Feathers students from the Pink Velvet show:

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